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A Kickstart in the Pants

Earlier today I asked about Kickstarter.  While I think it would be lovely if people just gave me money because they're kind, that is not realistic.  The way Kickstarter works best is to offer stratified rewards to people who donate.  Give X, get Y.  It's a good system that seems to have gotten more than a few projects made.

A few years ago I had a somewhat similar idea to fund a project, but there was no mechanism in place to facilitate it.

What I don't want to do is just give out something like a t-shirt.  I want to give out something meaningful, especially to those that are interested in the filmmaking process.

The idea I wish to present to you is that by supporting my project you would, for various levels of donation, get:


  • a weekly audio podcast covering the entire production from script meetings to final post
  • an extended video podcast instead of the audio.
  • access to a forum where production materials ( script, previz, production design, etc ) are available to members and can be commented on, which I will either use or dismiss.
  • access to the set to observe production and meet with the filmmakers.
  • access to final raw materials used in post production for your own experimentation ( professionally shot greenscreen, for example )
  • a t-shirt


Also, because not everyone is interested in the filmmaking process, you will also have your standard vanity credits available for 'purchase', as well as some other interesting ideas along those lines I have that I'm not ready to share yet.

At minimum, everyone donating $20 will get a 1080p download and DVD.  Basically, by pre-buying the movie, you fund the movie.

I currently have close to 2,000 Twitter followers.  If every one of them gave me $15, I would make it to my ballpark $30,000 budget.  I realize that won't happen, but an average along those levels is doable.

I haven't set up the page yet, because I want to get feedback - and get a concrete budget - before I put up the page.  Any and all feedback in the comments section would be appreciated.

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Reader Comments (2)

hi david,
i think this is a great idea!
i am especially interested in vfx (like the most of your twitter-followers, i would bet), so decisive for me is, if it is a vfx-heavy movie.
particularly a podcast about the vfx-supervising-process would be beneficial and i would love to donate for that!
March 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdigitobe (twitter)
i think organic support is a great progressive way of evolving create mindshare ... im in where so i sign up
March 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermarcus dryden

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