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I'm Not Dead

A couple people have written asking, basically, if I’m dead.


Yea, I haven’t been on TWIM or the VFX Show recently, but that’s only because podcasting isn’t my main job. It isn’t even my second job. It’s like, third or fourth.

First, of course, is my day job working on Avatar. That keeps me pretty busy, These days, in fact, really, really busy.

Second, is my aspirations to become a working screenwriter and filmmaker. There’s actually some news there. I just finished my latest work this past weekend, my first actioner, and I have a dinner meeting this coming weekend about it. The person with whom I’m meeting happens to be a production exec with one of the big 5, and is a fan of my work, so wish me luck.

I also have another meeting coming up that, well, it has to remain secret for now, but, um - it’s awesome.

Third, comes standup comedy.

Then, comes podcasting. I will be making my return soon enough, so don’t worry.

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